2018 State of the Industry, Mobile Offers in Convenience Stores

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Each year as the Koupon team begins to write our State of the Industry report, 2018 SOI blog creative.jpgwe look back on the year prior and gather what we’ve learned, what our brands and retailers have accomplished, and what the data is telling us about the future of retail and the impact of mobile offers.

The numbers from 2017 are in and the data rings loud and clear – the c-store industry is growing, and mobile offers are playing an important role. See our press release here.

As more and more customers turn to e-commerce to complete their shopping, brick and mortar retail is increasingly becoming a destination for immediate needs. This shift has presented a tremendous opportunity for the convenience store industry, which continues to outpace its brick and mortar peers in both revenue and store count growth. Retail and CPG brand marketers have taken notice of these trends and are beginning to shift marketing spend to the c-store channel, especially towards digital promotions.

With more mobile offer campaigns, higher engagement, and increased number of store trips, Koupon continues to witness firsthand the growth of mobile offers in convenience stores.

In light of the changes within the retail industry, our 4th annual State of the Industry report highlights the changing retail landscape and shifting consumer shopping patterns that are paving the way for the rise of mobile offers in the $233b convenience store industry.

Key trends within the report include:

  • Grocery at a crossroads. Online shopping and changing consumer preferences continue to present challenges for the grocery industry.
  • C-store continues its impressive growth. An increase in c-store locations and positive trends in share of wallet show that c-store has a bright future in retail.
  • Mobile offers drive sales in c-stores. Mobile offers produce highly effective results in c-stores, presenting an opportunity for marketers.

Thanks in large part to these trends, 2017 marked a year of success for not only Koupon, but for our brands and retailers alike. Key 2017 success stories include:

  • A mobile offer campaign that drove 19% YOY sales growth for a leading candy brand
  • A case study showing that consumers spend 3% more per basket when redeeming a mobile offer
  • A beer mobile rebate campaign that witnessed a 58% redemption rate and delivered an annualized $1.2 million in value to consumers

With convenience stores expected to be the only brick and mortar vertical to grow share of wallet through 2021, the opportunity for mobile offers in the c-store space will only grow. As always, our hope is that this report illustrates the continued success of mobile offers in c-stores today and the promise they hold for the future.

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