Black Friday Expectations

Black Friday, its the day for the best deals in retail - or so they say. According to DailyFinance, Black Friday might be on life support this year. Their recent poll shows that only 24% of people still actively shop in-store on Black Friday. Last year, there was a 7% drop in sales compared to 2013 and customer traffic declined by 5.6%, according to ShopperTrack. Pretty staggering stats.

This drop of in-store traffic is explained by the growth in online and mobile sales. Online sales on Black Friday increased 9.5% year over year, and even more interesting, online sales on Thanksgiving Day went up 14.3% year over year, according to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. However the stat we are most interested in, is that mobile sales on Black Friday accounted for 27.9% of total online sales, up 28.2% from a year earlier.

What a huge jump! So maybe Black Friday has found a different life support – online and mobile.

So, online and mobile sales are rising – how does that help increase in-store sales? It’s the mobile part. According to Daze Info, many stores will be using mobile to incentivize their buyers. Push notifications could give retailers the boost they are looking for this year. In a survey from CNBC, 73% of shoppers said that beacon messages increased their likelihood of making a purchase right away, and 61% said that the messages make them visit the store more often. Using mobile will help you reach your customer wherever they are along the path to purchase. Using mobile coupons incentivizes your customer to make that purchase.

With that being said, marketers, don’t be afraid to push mobile coupons during the holidays. Customers are looking for that exact thing this year. Black Friday isn’t dead yet, it’s still fully alive. We will wait to see the final stats after the Black Friday weekend, but from the looks of it, mobile strategies could save the day!