CPG Brand Offer Drives 400% Growth

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Over the past few years, consumers have been leading increasingly Brand Offer Drives Growth creative.jpgon-the-go lifestyles. To maintain these lifestyles, consumers are now demanding convenient shopping experiences, with immediate consumption being the utmost priority.

As more and more consumers demand convenience, small format stores have emerged as a natural fit. This is evident in the growth witnessed by small format retail categories – drug, dollar and convenience stores. In 2015 alone, small format retail outgrew larger format stores by almost 400%.

The growth in small format retail has presented a tremendous opportunity for CPG brands, but reaching on-the-go consumers and driving them in-store presents a new challenge for marketers.

Realizing the changes in the retail industry, a major candy brand was faced with 3 challenges:  

  1. Shifting its focus to grow sales in small format stores 
  2. Driving brand awareness in small format stores
  3. Reaching on-the-go consumers 

The brand knew they needed to run a mobile campaign, but they couldn’t determine the best approach to incentivize on-the-go consumers to go in-store and make a purchase. Knowing that they needed a leader in the mobile and small format space, the brand reached out to Koupon Media.  

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