CPG Brand Surpasses Benchmarks Using Mobile Offers

Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile every day, challenging marketers to FReal_Blog_Creative_.jpg
create new ways to reach these on-the-go consumers. With consumers constantly switching between apps and scrolling through multiple web pages at a time, the challenge of capturing their attention only grows.

 All digital marketers feel the gravity of this challenge, and feel the pressure to not only overcome it but prove success by beating the benchmarks. 


As marketers, we all know that in order to instantly engage and stand out from others it is important to know where your consumers are spending their time and how they want to be reached. And with the channels of distribution able to make or break a campaign, choosing the most profitable channels is crucial.

Knowing this, a CPG brand was faced with 3 challenges:

  1. Knowing how and where to reach their consumers
  2. Finding new methods to improve lagging in-store sales
  3. Driving brand awareness

The brand knew they needed to run a mobile campaign, but they couldn’t determine the best method of distribution in order to solve these 3 challenges. Knowing that they needed an expert on all things mobile, the brand reached out to Koupon Media.

Learn how one CPG brand surpassed several benchmarks 10, 11, even 20 fold by incorporating mobile offers into their media buys. Read more to learn how the brand was able to understand, with certainty, which media channels are most profitable.

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