Days of Holidays

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The holidays are nearly here! At Koupon Media, we know that marketers can be extremely anxious at this time as they eagerly await for the surge of holiday sales. To ease some of the stress for marketers, we’ve created a set-it-and-forget-it program of sales-driving mobile offers. We call this program a Koupon Offer Set.

As marketers, we are in crunch time. However, this doesn’t mean you are too late! During this critical purchasing period, our clients are able to deliver targeted offers to their customers on a daily basis with the Standard Days of Holidays Offer Set powered by our Koupon Platform. The campaign allows retailers to easily offer days of coupons to their customers while keeping customers engaged and even addicted to the campaign as they anticipate the next day's offer. What is great about this campaign is that it can be set up in less than an hour! 

In this piece, you will find the value of using an Offer Set program with Koupon Media. We discuss the tips and tricks to pull off a successful holiday campaign. We also include real results from a current client who used a Koupon Offer Set Program. 

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