In the Greenlight: Meet Mary Trinko, Manager of Client Success

Welcome back to one of our favorite blog series In the Greenlight, where you can get an inside glimpse into the Koupon team! We’ve never been much to brag, but we think our team is pretty incredible and they deserve their time in the spotlight. This month we sat down with Mary, our amazing Manager of Client Success.

Meet Mary! This California native and coffee enthusiast is responsible for bringing all of Koupon's brand campaigns to life. Mary's enthusiasm for Koupon and our clients has contributed significantly to our collective success over the past several years. We're thrilled to help you get to know this outstanding Kouponeer! 

You've been at Koupon for nearly 5 years and you're now managing our Brand Client Success team. Will you walk us through a day in the life of a client success manager?

We always tell candidates that no two days are alike, because client needs can evolve, and priorities can change. On an average day a CSM balances client calls, executing brand programs, and reviewing /analyzing data insights to share with clients. It’s really a fun mix of external/internal communications, problem solving, and storytelling – all within one role!

What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of managing a client success team?

It’s really enjoyable to see my team grow as individuals and to see what personal goals each person can achieve. We spend a large percentage of our lives working, so when I see folks thrive in their day-to-day I can’t help but feel excited about what we are accomplishing. Additionally, I love being an escalation point and taking everything I’ve learned, to problem solve and create win/win situations for our clients.

You and your team are responsible for bringing all of Koupon's brand campaigns to life. Can you share your favorite campaign that you've been a part of?

Tricky question because there are so many awesome campaigns that we have brought to life!  I have to say though that I really enjoyed Snapple Mystery Flavor, it was a fun concept of having consumers submit ideas of what they’d want to name the new flavor of Snapple and then allowing users to vote on their favorite names. It was an honor to be part of the team bringing that program to life. However, it was also really cool to work on the Molson Coors's America could use a Beer campaign because it was promoted on Jimmy Kimmel.

As a seasoned Kouponeer, you've seen Koupon evolve into the company it is today. What have you enjoyed most about getting to witness Koupon's growth?

Despite our growth, our values of helping teammates out and the importance of collaboration have remained true. It’s fun to be part of a team that constantly challenges you – it prevents everyone from becoming stale!

You're a California native, but you've been a Dallas resident for the last few years! What are your top 3 favorite things about living in Texas?

The people are so friendly! It’s so nice to take a walk and have so many people smiling and saying good morning. While being smaller than some of the big cities, I still don’t feel like I have enough time to try the large variety of restaurants and available activities. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t say that it’s nice to be centrally located – where it’s easy to grab a flight to anywhere in the USA.

You seem to be quite the world traveler. Do you have any exciting trips planned in the near future? What has been your favorite trip thus far?

Well, with COVID I’ve had to cancel a few trips, but I’m hoping to do Croatia this spring! My favorite trip is constantly changing, but I’ve been thinking fondly of my time in Portugal. It’s cliché, but the country feels very different from what I’m used to. I loved walking around, with coffee in hand, seeing all the tiles on the buildings, cobblestone ground, and architecture. Not to mention the fun of visiting the famously colorful palace in Sintra, Livranrio Lello – which inspired JK Rowling when writing Harry Potter, and enjoying a port tasting in Douro.

When you're not traveling, where can you be spotted on the weekends?

It depends, but it’s typically playing tennis by Katy Trail, grabbing coffee (Magnolias is a favorite!), cozying up to a new book – preferably a mystery or a book club book, and hanging out with friends!

Check back next month for another glimpse into the Koupon team!