In the Greenlight: Meet Melissa Jordan, Vice President of Client Success

Welcome back to one of our favorite blog series In the Greenlight, where you can get an inside glimpse into the Koupon team! We’ve never been much to brag, but we think our team is pretty incredible and they deserve their time in the spotlight. This week we sat down with Melissa Jordan, our Vice President of Client Success.

Meet Melissa! She's an accomplished leader in the digital space with some amazing yoga moves and undeniable southern charm. Melissa's enthusiasm for Koupon and our clients has been so impactful in amplifying our collective successes. We are so excited to help you get to know this incredible Kouponeer! 

Vice President of Client Success is an important leadership role at Koupon, can you describe what you do day-to-day?

It has been a wild ride since I started with Koupon nine months ago. Thanks to some lofty and motivating OKR’s (Objectives & Key Results), Koupon is evolving in every department. For Client Success, we’re adding new processes and tools to level up our service to our clients. My days are filled with implementation of new tools, client calls, one on one’s with my fantastic team and collaboration across the organization. My team and I recently performed a group training on organization and time management where everyone brought a researched method to share with the team. Since meeting, we’ve all been blocking time on our calendars to either accomplish specific tasks or use that time for strategic thinking about the department and our clients. I find it incredibly value to use time blocks to strategize on innovation in our department. Also, time blocks are super helpful for taking a step back to ensure the activities we are performing as a Client Success organization are right for the clients.

You've only recently joined the Koupon team, what drew you to the tech world and our company?

I cannot believe it has only been nine months! The majority of my career has been managing teams responsible for driving digital marketing ROI for businesses large and small. Naturally, working in digital marketing you are working with mar tech platforms and their corresponding product managers and teams. Koupon offered an amazing opportunity to flex my Client Success background in a marketing adjacent role and dive headfirst into SaaS for a new industry. It has been an incredible experience so far.

What has become your favorite part about working at Koupon?

I am so honored to work with such a collaborative leadership team. A company can level up so fast with a team aligned to a core set of goals and the right attitude. That’s exactly what has happened at Koupon. The stars have aligned.

As a smaller company, we get to have a bit of fun, too. Our Executive Director of Partnerships & Services set the company up with a collaboration tool that generates a new question for the team to answer in our company Slack channel a few times week. The whole company joins in to show their favorite childhood photo or contribute to the very controversial debate over if a taco is a sandwich or not. It breaks down barriers between teams and certainly helps working in a virtual environment more personal.

Above all, the commitment exhibited by my team and all team members at this company has been refreshing and motivating. I am thankful for the opportunity to work beside such awesome people each day.

What kind of misconceptions do new clients have about our services? And how do you work to change these misconceptions?

Tech integrations are complex, yes, but Koupon can take on that complexity for you. Connecting our offer technology directly in-app, to a loyalty provider or point of sale system seems overwhelming, but the seasoned pros on our Product and Implementation teams do this every day. There are so many benefits to Koupon integrations: time savings for our clients, coupon fraud prevention, a streamlined offer experience for customers and the opportunity to drive more revenue. With all this to gain, the complexity to go live is worth it!

This year, I’m working with our Product and Implementation teams to streamline the integration process with easy-to-follow roadmaps from start to finish, simplified onboarding experiences for our clients and a reduction in time to go live. With these enhancements, our clients can feel even more confident that they are putting their implementation in the right hands.

What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect about working with clients on a day-to-day basis?

The AHA! moments are my favorite. Our Data and Client Success team members get together regularly to find fresh data points for our clients, retailers and brands alike. Watching our clients as we walk through this new data is the best. These insights get clients excited about how they can tailor their offer messaging to their customers differently to drive higher sales. In some instances, we even identify new audiences interested in their brand or offerings.

Outside of data, while strategizing with clients on how to use our promotional technology in meaningful ways, you’ll see a lightbulb go off as they consider new ways of reaching their customers.

Seeing our clients excited about how our data, tech and network can help them achieve their goals is what we live for within the Client Success organization. 

We hear that you are a yogi master. How long have you been practicing?

Yogi master is a stretch, pun intended. I started practicing eight years ago. It is great counter-programming to the fast-paced world of Koupon. While I don’t practice as much as I would like these days, the principles of creating stillness in your mind and taking a few deep breaths have been such great lessons for me in my personal and professional life.

What other little luxuries, hobbies or rituals have kept you zen this new year?

Working from home for the first time in my career has been different. It took me a while to readjust. While I miss the team and the hustle and bustle of the office a lot, WFH has offered a few little luxuries I can add to my workday. Going back to blocking time for strategy development and retrospective thinking, I’ve created a ritual for myself to make this part of my work week comfortable and fulfilling. I make myself a delicious ginseng tea with lemon, I prep my favorite chair with a warm heating blanket, and I call for my 13-year-old black cat to come sit with me. When we’re all back in the office again, I’m bringing my chair and heating blanket with me.

Check back next month for another glimpse into the Koupon team!