Increase Campaign Success By Linking Digital Ads to Coupons

By linking a coupon to your digital media, you can increase your conversion rate by 10 or even 20x. Not only will you increase your click through rates, and conversion rates, but you will also increase your entire campaigns success gaining these significant benefits:     -  Increased Customer Loyalty
     -  Increased Trial and Adoption
     -  Online to Offline Tracking
     -  Understood and increased ROI 

Increased Customer Loyalty: Customers are delighted by savings and many only shop on savings. 80% of consumers self-identify as value seeking and promotion sensitive. Consumers respond to a saving message, creative and CTA. 91% of coupon redeemers say they will visit a retailer again after being offered a coupon.

Increased Trial: Getting consumers to try a new product or new offering can be difficult. A coupon can help. 57% of shoppers ay they would not have made a purchase without a coupon first.

Online to Offline Tracking: Understand exactly where consumers engaged with digital campaigns, and what purchasing behavior followed after. Understand individual views to individual sales.

Understand ROI: Given the ability to track online behavior to offline sales means you understand exactly how much return you received with each initiative tied to a coupon. Make smarter optimizations and marketing plans.

Mobile coupon campaigns can be beneficial to brands, retailers and even agencies alike, giving benefits such as pleasant customer experience and increased sales, leading to customer loyalty and retention as well as giving the added benefit of better tracking and analytics.

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