Innovating In-Store: Digital Doors

If you’re looking for new ways to catch the wandering eyes of your customers during their in-store experience, there’s a new trend in digital signage that you might want to check out. According to AdAge, a new player in the digital advertising space called Anthony International has created a product called iDoor that displays digital video ads, coupons, and offers on cooler doors inside of c-store locations.iDoor_3x2.jpg

Displaying branded coupons or offers directly on cooler doors in c-store locations can be particularly useful in a number of ways.

While it’s obvious that video ads are attractive as a novelty, they also:

- Place your coupon or offer directly in the customer’s line of sight as they contemplate making a purchase.

- Encourage prolonged consumer gaze via more engaging signage.

- Allow for flexible shifts in coupon/offer copy display to promote variations to offers/coupons depending on time of day, day of week, offer redemptions, etc.

As the in-store video trend grows in popularity in c-stores around the country, its supporters are quick to provide positive feedback for those interested in exploring it. “Digital signage is a great tool for marketers to use when promoting a product,” says Kiel Werking, Business Development & Partnerships Director for Reflect Systems. “Using digital signage, brands frequently experience up to 3x sales lift on video-promoted products, which may increase total sales by up to 55%.” If that’s not a glowing recommendation, we’re not sure what is.

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