How Convenient: A Koupon Podcast for C-Store News

How Convenient Podcast
 While change remains the only constant in a world eclipsed by COVID-19, the agility of c-stores has proven invaluable to the industry's progression into a new age of retail. It's critical for industry leaders to keep up with all the insights, innovations, and opportunities shaping this channel in order to advance successfully.
Here to help you stay up to date with all the latest convenience industry news, Koupon is excited to introduce its podcast How Convenient.
This new podcast covers the essential role convenience stores play in the busy lives of consumers. Our hope is to equip innovative c-store leaders as they seek to anticipate the evolving consumer needs and earn lasting shopper loyalty. Each week, hosts Greg Crow and Brad Van Otterloo will briefly share an update on c-store sales trends and what we are learning from billions of in-store purchase transactions.
The fourteen-episode series begins by taking a closer look at each of the six c-store product categories: beverages, tobacco, candy, snacks, alcohol and food. The latest episodes examine the meta-trends across all these product categories, discuss how c-stores are fueling up for 2021 and provide insights for retailers on running successful promotions.
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