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2018 State of the Industry, Mobile Offers in Convenience Stores

In our 4th annual State of the Industry report, we highlight the changing retail landscape and shifting consumer shopping patterns that are paving the way for the rise of mobile offers in the $233b convenience store industry.

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Commuting Media: The Newest Marketing Vehicle

Commuting media is transforming mobile marketing by allowing brands and retailers to reach on-the-go consumers with contextual offers directly in their vehicle through channels like Waze, OnStar, GasBuddy and the connected car. 
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The Rise of Small Format Retail

After decades of big-box expansion, the retail industry is now shifting to smaller stores. In 2015, small format retail categories — drug, dollar and convenience store — outgrew larger format stores by almost 400%, and now make up a more than $1 trillion market. This growth is no accident. Demographic shifts paired with online shopping behavior and shifting consumer demands are forcing leading retailers to think small.

Reaching New Customers With Media

Koupon’s approach to distribution is to reach customers across a variety of digital touch points — we call this “meet customers they are.” While engaging customers in direct channels like mobile apps and email can be highly effective.

Successfully Delivering In-App Mobile Offers

As many marketers have learned, merely launching a mobile app isn’t enough. While mobile apps can attract a retailer’s most loyal customers, that loyalty isn’t guaranteed to last. In order to keep customers engaged and shopping.

Promoting Mobile Offers Through In-Store Signage 

Clients are always surprised when we tell them that in-store signage is an important element to a mobile offer strategy, but with 61% of convenience store shoppers admitting to making.

Growing Your SMS Database

Clients are always surprised when we tell them that SMS text marketing is still one of the most effective channels on our platform. It’s a technology that has been with us for over 20 years, but believe it or not text messaging is still.

The Connected Car: The Future of Marketing

With connected cars on the rise and the number of minutes spent in the car also increasing, a powerful new marketing channel has emerged. 

The connected car enables brands and retailers to reach drivers in their vehicles with highly.

Mobile Rebates: An Instant Solution for the Alcohol Category

Mobile rebates are helping leading alcohol brands prevent fraud, adapt to the changing marketplace and collect valuable data that helps them learn more about their customers.

Commuting Media: The Newest Marketing Vehicle

Mobile marketing has been used for years to reach on-the-go consumers, but let’s face it: consumers are more active than ever before and increasingly difficult to reach.

Success Story: CPG Brand Moves 33k Units in One Month

A leading CPG brand was faced with 3 challenges:

  1. Knowing how and where to reach their consumers
  2. Discovering new and interesting ways to engage consumers on mobile devices
  3. Drive trial of their product

What Is a Mobile Offer?

Mobile offers have emerged as the go-to promotional strategy for marketers, allowing them to reach consumers in the digital world and drive them in-store to make a physical purchase.

CPG Brand Offer Drives 400% Growth

A major CPG brand leveraged Koupon's Redeemable Ad solution to launch an online ad campaign promoting the brand and a special offer redeemable in small format stores. In order to maximize reach and drive on-the-go consumers in-store,.

The Rise of Small Format Retail

After decades of big-box expansion, the retail industry is now shifting to smaller stores. In 2015, small format retail categories — drug, dollar and convenience store — outgrew larger format stores by almost 400%, and now make up a.

Offer Targeting & Loyalty: A Case Study

On a daily basis, the average person sees literally thousands of ads — and because they are devoting more than 10 hours to screens each day, the majority of these ads are served through digital channels. 

2017 State of Mobile Offers

2016 proved to be another blockbuster year not just for Koupon Media, but the mobile offer industry as a whole.

In this year’s report, we’ll review some of the key trends in the mobile offer industry and share some of Koupon’s insights.

Proximity Marketing: A Key Determinant for the Future of Retail

As more and more consumers become willing to share location data, proximity marketing is paving the path to success for marketers – and we have the stats to back that up. Through campaigns run and data collected, Koupon has witnessed.

Mobile Couponers vs. Traditional Couponers

Paper coupons are responsible for creating a widely successful industry, but they no longer hold the place they once did. This is a result of the mobile device expediting consumer lifestyles and transforming shopping behavior at a pace.

CPG Brand Surpasses Benchmarks

As marketers, we all know that to instantly engage and stand out from others you must know where your consumers are spending their time and how they want to be reached. And with the channels of distribution able to make or break a.

2016 C-Store Industry Report

This report studies the major factors that have played into the recent growth of the convenience industry. These findings provide marketers with key insights on how to leverage the opportunities presented by c-stores to continue growth.

Has the Mobile App Bubble Burst?

Marketers know that mobile is the place to reach consumers, with the average adult spending over 3 hours on their mobile device each day. Marketers also know that driving engagement is easily done by delivering mobile offers, but.

Rethinking Loyalty with Mobile Offers

Strengthening relationships with consumers comes down to three things: value, personalization, and rewarded behavior. None of these need to be complicated, and don’t necessarily require an app or loyalty card. Koupon will show you just.

How to Deliver Valuable Offers

Digital trends are changing rapidly, causing consumer preferences to change at the same pace. While it has become second nature for marketers to stay relevant on the ever-changing trends, always knowing what consumers want proves to be.

C-Store Drives Nearly 2 Million Trials

When launching new products, marketing strategies must be broad-reaching to promote awareness and drive trial. To do this, campaigns must instantly engage and be delivered across a variety of channels in order to reach on-the-go.

CPG Marketing and Mobile Rebates

In the digital age, the thought of completing and mailing a paper rebate form is a daunting proposition for consumers. This is posing a problem for marketers, forcing them to shift the way they deliver discount-based campaigns. To.

C-Store Drives 90k Store Trips in One Month

In an age where we are always arm’s length away from an electronic device, it comes as no surprise that media consumption increases every day. In fact, ZenithOptimedia reports that people spend more than 8 hours of their day with some.

Mobile Offers and Location-Based Tech

The mobile device has become the most personal device we own. And because consumers now feel such a personal connection with their devices, no longer do they simply want marketing messages to feel personalized – rather, they expect.

Your Consumers Want Social, Mobile Offers

Time and time again, marketers are told utilizing social is a marketing must – but is that still the case? More importantly, how do we as marketers drive consumers from social posts to in-store buyers? And how exactly does digital.

Digital Offers in a Physical World

As a marketer, you know that being savvy in the digital space can increase the bottom line. However, the challenges are becoming greater as consumers are becoming more technologically advanced during their day-to-day lives. To increase.

CPG Brands Deliver Mobile Offers Via Multi-Screen Advertising

The time spent watching TV is now overlapping with the time spent with mobile devices, making it increasingly difficult engage consumers with TV spots. In order to target these multitasking consumers, marketers  are now.

The Mobile Move

According to Marketing Charts, “…the future of targeted marketing won’t be what you find on the internet, see on TV, read in a newspaper/magazine, or hear on the radio – it will be found on the device we take with us wherever we go –.

Advertising with Mobile Coupons

Reaching today’s customers across the digital space is unquestionably positive for marketers in this day and age. But the trouble is that the ads become an amorphous blob of all-too-similar content. As a marketer, you are constantly.

Mobile Offers in C-Store App Gain 3 Million Views

With over 1.5 million apps available today, finding unique ways to engage customers and drive in-store trips is becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily, there is a simple solution to ensure consumers are not only downloading your app,.

Case Study: Kum & Go's Social Offer Campaign

When presented with Kum & Go’s goals, Koupon Media immediately knew that a social coupon campaign was the solution. Koupon Media’s socially enabled coupons not only drive in-store traffic and increase participation through social.

Looking Beyond Loyalty

These questions arise for many marketers - how do you acquire new customers to a loyalty app? How do you increase engagement both inside and outside of your loyalty app? It can be daunting to come up with a strategy. In our latest.

Looking Beyond the App

Over the past few years, marketers have had success placing mobile offers into their branded mobile apps. Due to the success, branded mobile apps continue to be one of the most attractive options for mobile offers in 2016 – and with.

SMS Marketing Taking the Lead

If you’re a mobile marketer, you’ve probably tried next to every option available when trying to reach your consumers directly on their mobile devices.  From social networks to email to branded mobile apps – the routes to making a.

Millennials + Mobile Offers = Perfect Pair

Millennial shoppers contribute a staggering $1.3 trillion to annual consumer spending. Millennials are characterized by their reliance on the internet, mobile technology, crowdsourcing, and instant gratification, yet, they are not.

Harnessing the Power of Habit

The vast majority of our day-to-day lives boil down to a single thing: routine. In fact, about 40 percent of our daily activities are performed in almost the same situations (Science Daily (2014). Keeping this in mind, it is imperative.

Scratcher Offer Drives $1 Mill in Sales

We have some good news, bad news, and great news for marketers. Consumers are becoming more and more mobile-centric, with the average adult spending approximately 3 hours and 8 minutes on their mobile device each day – that’s the good.

Kwik Fill Partners with Koupon Media

Kwik Fill/Red Apple convenience store chain has partnered with Koupon Media to deliver mobile offers that will increase loyalty and in-store sales. Kwik Fill joins Koupon’s client list of 28,000 major convenience stores that drive.

Mobile Coupon Marketing: Best Practices

If you’ve spent any time with or around mobile marketing, you may have noticed a trend – mobile coupons are growing like a weed. In fact, according to eMarketer, the number of adult mobile coupon consumers increased by 18% to 92.6.

State of the Mobile Coupon Industry

Koupon is excited to announce its most encompassing report to-date titled, The State of the Coupon Industry. The report provides data and key industry insights into what has happened to the mobile coupon industry, where it is going and.

Getting Ahead of Generation Z

The Millennial generation has lost its grip as the largest (and most elusive) generational group in the United States, now standing as the second largest generation in the country.

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