Koupon and Catalina Form Partnership to Deliver Richer Shopper Insights

CPGs and c-store retailers will have visibility into consumers’ cross-channel purchase behaviors to drive more effective campaigns

Koupon is proud to announce a partnership with Catalina, the leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media Catalina PR creativefor CPG brands and retailers. This partnership signifies the growth and importance of the c-store channel and will provide C-store retailers and CPGs with a more holistic understanding of cross-channel consumer purchase behaviors.

“U.S. convenience store sales surged to a record $242.2 billion in 2018, with more than $86 billion of in-store foodservice sales, including consumer packaged goods,” said Lori Buss Stillman, Vice President of Research of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). “This partnership between Koupon and Catalina will bring a whole new level of consumer purchase behavioral understanding and insights to help retailers and brands provide a more personalized shopping experience for c-store buyers.”

“We’re incredibly excited about partnering with Catalina to provide our CPG brand and C-store partners with analytics and actionable shopper insights,” said Brad Van Otterloo, Koupon’s Chief Executive Officer. “These insights, which span competitive brand purchases, basket composition, price sensitivity, coupon usage and more will help us develop and execute more effective digital promotions and campaigns to drive sales lift for our customers.”  

The Catalina-Koupon partnership also presents an opportunity to test and measure the interplay and impact of buyer behavior on grocery and c-store channels. Historically, C-store heavy brands have had limited understanding of consumer and household purchasing behaviors across channels. Now, they will have a more holistic view into the massive C-store segment, which should translate into more efficient marketing, sales and even trial.

“According to NACS, 83% of items purchased in a C-store are consumed within an hour, making C-stores an ideal channel for product trial. Catalina’s database will strengthen Koupon’s ability to deliver personalized offers at scale through the C-store channel,” added Van Otterloo. “The insights we’ll provide to retailers and brands will enable them to fine-tune their campaigns to provide only the most relevant offers to the highest-value buyers.”

“Our partnership with Koupon adds further dimension to our already extensive shopper intelligence database, which has real-time data and years of consumer purchase data,” said Dr. Wes Chaar, Catalina’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer. “We are excited to enrich the personalization, targeting and cross-channel measurement services we provide to our customers, and strengthen our capacity to reach people wherever they shop, whether it’s at a grocery, drug or convenience store.”

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