Koupon Media Makes Local Mobile Marketing Personal

Marketers understand that data gathered from a mobile marketing campaign can be valuable, beyond the sales generated by that campaign itself. Each campaign garners information about consumers and their behaviors that can help to refine messaging and improve personalization. But in order to create the most valuable, virtuous cycle of data accrual, brands and retailers must employ strategic location-based tactics that lend themselves to one-to-one marketing. Tending to the wants and needs of the individual mobile customer through local mobile marketing above short-term profit goals can have big payoffs.

mobileoffer-1The winning formula for brands and retailers striving to perfect their local mobile marketing is to get the right message to the right customers at a precise time and location, and with interesting mobile-specific interaction methods. While this may seem like a daunting task, leading brands are collecting the most valuable data and are excelling with one-to-one marketing through some innovative tactics. The Koupon platform is not only the most effective tool for executing mobile offer campaigns, but the most versatile solution for brands looking to increase personalization through some of these creative strategies:

Encouraging social proof—Consumers are more likely to buy products when they are recommended by friends and family. In a survey conducted by Market Force, 81% of respondents said that social media posts from friends influence their purchasing decisions. Hyper-social millennial consumers are especially motivated by peer promotion—when looking for opinions about products to buy, Millennials are more than 3 times as likely as older Boomer generations to turn to social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Leading brands and retailers are harnessing this power and inviting immediate mobile sharing prompts for these platforms when a shopper makes a purchase.

Granting access—Brands and retailers can offer free Wi-Fi to display advertising specific to their mobile offer and in a strategic location, in addition to simply attracting foot traffic to their bricks and mortar business.

Rewarding location-based engagement—Providing location-based services in the form of useful apps is a soft and symbiotic approach to local mobile marketing. Brands like The History Channel, for example, are honing loyalty and brand awareness by rewarding their Foursquare followers with historical facts when they check-in at tourist destinations on Foursquare.

Offering location-based entertainment—Increasing in popularity in the United States, brands and retailers are incentivizing data exchange by offering consumers with entertaining, dynamic games and other content on their mobile devices.

Koupon is the key to perfecting local mobile marketing.

Koupon Media allows brands to distribute offers across a broad set of channels and engagement points including email, website, SMS text, and via a landing page with a unique URL. Offers can even be embedded in a brand’s existing app and managed in real time, making it easy to creatively tailor engagement. Post-campaign, Koupon’s reporting tools can help brands understand and manage offer performance as well as consumers’ behaviors and reactions. With each campaign, segmentations are refined to help attain the one-to-one marketing relationship.