Koupon Media Partners with Skip to Bring Mobile Offers to the Checkout Anywhere Experience

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.29.29 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.29.29 PMLeading up to this year’s NACS show, Koupon Media is excited to announce our partnership with Skip, a scan and go technology thatprovides c-store customers with checkout control through frictionless checkout. The partnership allows Koupon Media to send CPG-funded offers to customers as they shop using Skip’s technology. As part of the alliance, Skip will integrate Koupon’s mobile offer capabilities directly into its app. When a customer is adding items to their basket, Skip will reference Koupon’s database of offers and apply or suggest relevant deals for that customer.

Koupon Media’s team is looking forward to working more closely with Skip’s innovative team. “Skip is changing the game by bringing a next generation shopping experience to everyone in the convenience store industry. Its technology enables any retailer to launch checkout anywhere and “just walk out” experiences in their stores, providing a new opportunity to deliver offers,” said Brad VanOtterloo, President of Koupon.

Koupon Media and Skip’s mutual client, Ricker’s, has already shared their thoughts on the partnership. "By combining the frictionless experience of cashier-less checkout from Skip and mobile offer technology from Koupon Media, Ricker’s will be better able to drive impulse purchases,” said Quinn Ricker, CEO and President of Ricker’s. “The fully integrated experience will allow us to leverage CPG funded offers through mobile checkout in a seamless way.

Skip’s team, located in Salt Lake City, is excited to partner with the industry leading mobile offer technology, Koupon Media. “As Skip launched frictionless checkout in the convenience store industry, we knew that Koupon Media was one of the first partners we wanted to work with,” said Chase Thomason, Founder and CEO of Skip.

Read the full press release here.