Looking Beyond Loyalty


The deployment and management of loyalty programs has emerged as a popular tactic to reach sales and marketing goals over the past decade.

Today, successful loyalty programs tend to operate in the digital realm, with classic examples such as Starbucks and its stars-based loyalty process housed in its mobile app.

There are several advantages of loyalty programs; gaining customer profile information, increasing engagement with your customers, and gathering shopping and purchasing data. However, every retailer must face that they are competing for attention, and need to overcome a decreasing engagement rate. Some stats that alarmed us were: 

- On average, 58% of loyalty program members do not actively participate in the programs in which they have enrolled
- An average customer is a part of over 30 loyalty programs, but has only engaged with 25% of them.
Therefore, a successful digital marketer’s brand health strategy absolutely must include more than just a loyalty program.

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