6 Best Practices For Your Next SMS Offer Campaign

The mobile device continues to present an array of channels and SMS creative.jpgopportunities to reach consumers. But in the race to reach consumers through each and every channel, one of the most basic functions of the mobile device - SMS - is often forgotten.

But now more than ever, consumers want to hear from brands and retailers through SMS. And based on the results we continue to see from SMS campaigns, this is proving true time and time again. 

Whether you’re just getting started with SMS marketing or you’re looking to revamp your efforts this year, we’ve compiled six best practices to make sure your next campaign is better than the last. 
  1. Compliance, Compliance, Compliance. Compliance always needs to be your top priority when implementing an SMS campaign. In order to protect both the consumer and the marketer, the TCPA has a list of regulations that must be followed. And no matter how great your campaign is, failure to comply with these SMS messaging laws can negate even the best efforts. Check, and then double-check every campaign to ensure you’ve followed every last rule. To learn more about these regulations, check out our report that discusses the ins and outs of SMS marketing. 
  2. Craft your message carefully. Always remember that the texts you send are a direct reflection of your brand or retailer. Each text message you send should clearly be coming from you, and you should always deliver your offering in a clear and concise way. You should also keep in mind that you have a 120-character limit on each text, so keep it simple. In a recent study, Koupon found that texts that don’t mention offers have a higher click-through rate, but customers that received a brand specific text were 28% more likely to redeem. 
  3. Always stay top of mind. We believe that this is a crucial element for success with SMS offer campaigns. If a customer received your offer through SMS but has yet to redeem it, take a second to remind them. Follow-up reminder texts are a great way to keep your offer and your brand top of mind for consumers. 
  4. Find balance. While Koupon typically recommends sending text blast offers out around two times per month, this can vary based on your audience. It’s always important to study your redemption data to enhance the frequency with which you contact your consumers through SMS. 
  5. Don’t forget the power of retargeting. Use the data from consumers who have and have not redeemed your SMS coupons to your advantage. This data will allow you to customize a list of recipients who are more likely to redeem your offers based on their previous behavior. In a recent study, Koupon found that delivering targeted offers can increase redemptions by 36%
  6. Give your customers a reason to redeem. After studying years worth of customer redemption data across multiple brands and retailers, Koupon has found that high-value offers that are redeemable for only a limited time tend to drive the best results. Unique and engaging offers can encourage repeat use of your offers, which drives higher redemptions and sales.
Check out our report, SMS Taking the Lead, to learn how to create even more compelling and influential SMS campaigns! 

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