Targeting: How Retailers Drive More In-Store Traffic

When Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report was released in 2002, its iconic scene featuring hyper-contextual, personal advertising seemed to exhibit make-believe technology from the far distant future. While digital advertising has not progressed to the level of complex intensity displayed in the film, marketers of today are beginning to bring the ideas behind these imagined ads of the future to life in more subtle and effective ways via mobile technology.


Simply put, the future of advertising is unfolding in real time around us because of mobile devices. According to Search Engine Land, people spend more than half of their time consuming digital media on mobile devices, with heavier digital consumers looking at their mobile devices more than 100x per day.

It’s all about being at the right place at the right time… with the right people. 

Introducing Audience and Location targeting into your mobile coupon strategy could be a step in the right direction towards increasing your reach amongst consumers with their wallets (and mobile devices!) out. 

There are three key best practices to keep in mind as you execute your targeting strategy using Koupon Media:

  1. If you choose to target consumers using Geofencing, broaden your horizons. 
  1. Get to know your “A-Team”. 
  1. Be unforgettable. 

To read more about our location and audience targeting capabilities and best practices, download “Targeting: How Retailers Drive More In-store Traffic”